CASIO Casio G-SHOCK pinnacle for MRG-G1000DC male form to start

Since the primary school to buy the first Casio's electronic form, even with this brand forged a Nie Yuan CASIO Casio G-SHOCK pinnacle for the MRG-G1000DC male form to start A few years ago a good base of friends began to pit G-shock, and then put me into it. . . From the beginning to buy GLX-5600, to today's MR-G, which in the middle of the various models add up to buy at least thirty or forty. . . Into the only MRG, can be considered to buy the top, and I would like to take the fever down. . . Of course, next month there are new environmentally friendly 6-generation frogman is already decided to enter the. On the MR-G, the official website of the introduction of those who do not po, and what Yamagata factory in Japan, what with what the process is not mentioned, in short, this cargo is Casio's top of the watch, not limited to G-SHOCK series of the top, compared to other series such as Poseidon, its position is quite high. In recent years, Casio watches and clocks in Basel have issued a limited edition MR-G, this year the MRG-G1000HT offer price is 760,000 yen CASIO Casio G-SHOCK pinnacle MRG-G1000DC male form start Compared to other Casio watch, MR-G is actually the workmanship and material in the card watch in the most advanced, the MRG-G1000 series of movement, with the Poseidon OCW-G1000, and several other GPS with G- Shock movement and there is no essential difference (card watch pit father property) Here to talk about today's protagonist MRG-G1000DC it, quoted under the official website of Taiwan's introduction: CASIO G-SHOCK flagship watch MR-G series, using MRG-G1000 watch, to the top Japanese metal process material ─ Akagane (Akagane) for the concept, the introduction of red copper new color design. The MRG-G1000DC-1A is a one-stop assembly of the Yamagata factory in Japan. It is equipped with replica watches uk a new protective structure Clad-Guard Structure, and a buffer material "α GEL" is added between the parts. From a variety of external shocks. The use of lightweight anti-scratch titanium alloy material, less than 40% weight of stainless steel. The bezel with "Ti64 titanium", after Tic titanium carbonization, so that case and strap is not easy to scratch; in the button, button ring and bezel on the four screws DLC processing, the outer parts and frequently used buttons Increased wear resistance, combined with Zaratsu super-mirror polishing technology, the perfect rendering of metal refraction gloss texture. In addition, it is equipped with the world's first GPS hybrid radio reception technology. It can automatically receive standard time signals from China, North America, Japan, UK and Germany. When receiving standard signals, it will automatically receive GPS signals and automatically Adjust the time, but also through the GPS automatically analyze the location of the time zone, and then adjust the location of daylight saving time, just press the function button for 3 seconds, will be able to accurately display the time around the world. Watch is also equipped with Smart Access direct sense of the operating system, Tough Movement movement, ultra-transparent non-reflective sapphire crystal glass mirror, low power GPS receiver chip and many other top-level equipment, perfect show CASIO exquisite watch strength. Compared to this, the domestic introduction of this official website is really. . . Simple not also wrong, this stuff which is the CASIO CASIO Casio G-SHOCK pinnacle MRG-G1000DC male form to spend more than 10,000 to buy a composite strap? CASIO Casio G-SHOCK pinnacle of MRG-G1000DC male form start MRG-G1000DC - MR-G - G-SHOCK - Watches - Direct links Then a JD of the search link it, not a few in the sale, and no self-Taobao is also only private sellers, the price is not cheaper than the number of domestic official website, students in Shanghai can go directly to Huaihai Road G-shock store to see, there are displayed, the price of 17,000 (a month ago is 15,000, the price rose 2000 ...) CASIO Casio G-SHOCK pinnacle MRG-G1000DC male form to rolex replica start mrg-g1000 - Product Search - Jingdong Jingdong found in the 14 mrg-g1000 similar goods, which includes other types of mrg-g1000 goods. Direct links CASIO Casio G-SHOCK pinnacle for MRG-G1000DC male form to start Although I have been buying a variety of G-SHOCK, from the basic small box to the radio box and then to a variety of clay figurines MTG, I have bought, but also out of some of the hands of the current g-shock together There are more than ten dozen, but I always feel that spend more than 10,000 to buy a card watch is not worth it, yes I mean the MR-G, spend more than 10,000 CASIO CASIO G-SHOCK pinnacle of MRG- G1000DC male form to start, but did not expect, I still fell into it. . . The purchase process is also very twists and turns, in March this year, out of this, then looked at the news directly x out. . . Later, at the end of April when watching their own watch that a lot of g-shock, feel some, oh not too much. . . Simply wear CASIO Casio G-SHOCK to the pinnacle of the MRG-G1000DC male form to start on the initiation of a streamlining their own collection of ideas. . . So start the watch, including the retro MTG-S1000V (too heavy), mud king GWG-1000 (yellow, good-looking is very nice, but always feel that the resin strap with the rolex replica watches pointer does not take), there are several boxes And the annual limit of the box, are out of the. . . Then the brain of a hot, inexplicable on this stuff poisoning, coupled with the sale of the watch is almost enough to get a MR-G money, so go to a friend to help Casio internal set this MR-G, The original official website of the domestic price of 15,000, the internal discount price to win, but unfortunately is just to catch up with Casio internal price adjustment, the only things I finished the next day on the price 2000, 17000, and finally waited more than one Month, or did not get this watch. Waited for more than a month, the brain had to calm down, just going to give up when something went to Hong Kong, finished things go to Mong Kok wandering wanted to say that upstairs watch shop to go around, just encounter this watch goods, The price is only cheaper than the domestic official website within the purchase of your point, flew to credit card won. . . Immediately after buying I immediately called the owner to wear a good strap, and go home when the watch is afraid of the Customs on the block. . . Here is just out of the watch shop to take the first picture ~ ~ The following point to put home with a camera to take the map Take the camera down low exposure casually pat has a very good effect, mainly because of the overall workmanship of the watch itself is quite delicate, all-titanium watch + strap, polished metal surface grinding also do a good job, Metallic luster and texture is very strong, and the angle is very sharp, but I guess this thing is certainly not wearable. . . With a long time is a variety of scratches. Looking at such a big one, but in fact not too heavy, I removed the strap after the remaining 140 grams is less than Here are some details: Boxes and packaging what, do not bother to put a cell phone just take a look at it. . . Nothing good-looking, compared to other G-shock packaging that is quite advanced, but with the price of the watch, not a color. Function, very simple, stopwatch + alarm + + when the world time, the most important thing is to take a gps and radio on the time, gps is very convenient time, like me this area can not receive radio waves during the day The function of the MTG-G1000 series and GPW-1000 series are exactly the same, the difference is only the location of the small dial is not the same, Casio's pit father movement (the same time, , Poor evaluation CASIO Casio G-SHOCK pinnacle for MRG-G1000DC male form to start This stuff with a LED lights, high brightness, you can make up the chicken under the night light. . . This watch is the luminous up to 2-3 hours or so Start to write this out of the box, but also wearing a few days, and simply say the next experience. Thickness, then slightly thicker than the weight of the watch to be a little heavier, but still belong to the acceptable range, at least compared to my previous mtg that is more light, and get started very good results, I wrist 17cm, Basic can hold live it. With those clothes, I usually dress are more casual, work can be directly t-shirt + jeans, so the feeling is still very good ride. I am quite satisfied with the total, although the price a little expensive, but the corresponding workmanship is also very good, for me this does not pay attention to what the movement of the people still worth it CASIO Casio G-SHOCK pinnacle of MRG -G1000DC male form to start